What is exactly to expect from tourism in Latvia? Fascinating travel on ancient castles and churches? Perhaps cheerful beach parties? Maybe a quiet measured rest in elite spa-hotel? Latvia can present all this to you!


Today Latvia is part of the European Union and the Schengen area that makes the country rather attractive to tourism. Latvia is located in Eastern Europe. In the North, it borders on Estonia, in the South with Lithuania, in the East with Russia and Belarus. In the West, it is washed by the Baltic Sea. The area of Latvia is slightly more than 64 thousand square kilometers, the extent of overland and sea borders is about 1200 kilometers. Lowlands and plains prevail in a landscape of Latvia with small hills in the East regions of the country. There are about 12 thousand rivers in Latvia, the biggest are Daugava, Lijelupe, Gauja, and Venta. There are more than 2 thousand lakes in this country; the biggest are Lubanas, Raznas, and Engures. 


Excursion tours in Latvia are, first of all, Riga.  However, there are many others, much less known, but not less fascinating cities in this small Baltic country.


Bus tours in Latvia are an excellent way to visit them. For example, in 50 kilometers from the capital an ancient town called Sigulda is located. It is possible to get there into huge caves and medieval fortress of sword-bearers. Excursion bus tours in Latvia, as a rule, cover multiple cities. For example, Kuldiga and Jelgava are also among them. All these fantastic towns, as well as Riga, possess a history of more than 8 centuries.


The time and history of many centuries is frozen in the architecture of the Old city of Kuldiga. These are monuments in styles of a gothic, Renaissance and baroque. The well-known decoration of the city is the biggest falls in Latvia Ventas Rumba, 110 m wide and 1.5 m high. Kuldiga is a standard of the Latvian town, which kept the original shape, atmosphere and history. It avoided destructions and reorganizations, having kept even ancient wooden constructions.


Jelgava is the greenest city of the country. Its reserves and park zones are the house for a set of bird species and fishes. Divided by Duagava's slow current, it is almost in its outfall. Besides natural sights, lots of magnificent palaces are located here.


If you went to Latvia by a bus tour, you will definitely visit the city of Ventspils. Extraordinary entourage is granted to this city by a tile by which almost all streets of the Old center are paved. Unique compositions of fountains and flower pyramids are very attractive to tourists as well. Ventspils castle and other medieval historical constructions are also located there. 


You want to arrive to Latvia in the winter? Then especially for you — the most extreme, most fascinating winter rest in Latvia — a ski resort Cesis with pleasure meets both beginning, and already skilled skiers. You will explore fascinating routes and improbable descents! — "small Switzerland" Sigulda with her numerous hotels, low safe hills and the bobsleigh route.


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